My Personal Family Relatives Birthdays & Anniversaries for all year:



*(I decided to list the whole year, instead of each month so you can look ahead and place on your own calendar...JohnEhoyt)


January 4th, Owen Hoyt -BD (In Memory 1906-1973)

January 6th, Joan (Lukacs) Hoyt -BD

January 16th, Brian D, Hoyt -BD

January 16th, Audrey F. Hoyt -BD

January 20th, Hugh A. Hoyt -BD

January 20th, Pete Phetteplace -BD

January 25th, Jack W. Fell -BD

January 26th, Bernadette J. Hoyt -BD


February 2nd, Michael J. Hoyt -BD

February 5th, Jenifer Laschen -BD

February 7th, Bill Lenz -BD

February 9th, Bob Watkins -BD

February 15th, Hannah (Hoyt) Wilson -BD

February 16th, Jan (Hite) Hoyt -BD

February 20th, Jackie (Hoyt) Saito -BD

February 22th, George Saito -BD

February 23rd, Linda J. Groenendyk -BD (In Memory 1977-1999)

February 24th, George & Jackie (Hoyt) Saito -AN

February 27th, Tom E. Fell -BD


March 2nd, Robert Fell -BD

March 4th, Scott Ver Bryck -BD

March 6th, Laura (Weiss) Hoyt -BD

March 9th, David & Lisa Hoyt -AN

March 13th, Cilla Hoyt Carpenter _BD

March 17, Shan (Ablak) Hoyt -BD

March 18th, Jason C. Hoyt -BD

March 18th, Hope (Phetteplace) Gregg -BD

March 19th, Joanne (Ver Bryck) Kissinger -BD

March 26th, Justin E. Hoyt -BD

March 28th, Karl H. Lenz -BD


April 3th, Joe Watkins -BD

April 5th, Marcus Hoyt -BD

April 8th, Alessandra D. Hoyt -BD

April 12th, Margaret Wilson -BD

April 13th, Sue Hoyt Kreuger -BD

April 16th, ElizabethWilson -BD

April 18th, Judy Hoyt -BD

April 18th, Julie M. Hoyt -BD

April 23rd, Andrew L. Hoyt -BD

April 26th, Ada (Hoyt) Ver Bryck -BD (In Memory 1904-1998)


May 1st, Jane (Brownson) Cartano (In Memoriy 1921-2005)

May 9th, Amy Hoyt, WA -BD

May 13th, Ann & Bill Angerson -AN

May 15th, Pauline (Mericle) Hoyt -BD (In Memory 1911-1978)

May 15th, Paul B. Kissinger -BD (In Memory 1931-2002)

May 17th, Debbie (Hoyt) Spannagel -BD

May 19th, Peggy (Hoyt) Lenz -BD

May 19th, Jamie Hoyt -BD

May 25th, Andrew & Bernadette Hoyt -AN

May 26th, Mary (Hoyt) Vetter -BD
May 26th, Betty (Miller) Hoyt (In Memory 1916-1990)


June 3rd, Matthew Laschen -BD

June 3rd, Hugh Francis Lenz -BD

June 4th, William Russell Lenz -BD

June 10th, Terry Conner -BD

June 18th, Elizabeth Hoyt -BD

June 19th, John Hoyt -BD

June 19th, Don Hoyt -BD

June 20th, Hugh H. Hoyt -BD (In Memory 1915-1995)

June 22nd, Peggy & Bill Lenz -AN

June 26th, Kristopher (KJ) Hoyt -BD

June 28th, Amy Wilson -BD

June 29th, Joy Horstmann Hoyt -ND

June 30th, Richard S. Hoyt -BD

June 30th, Nathan L. Hoyt -BD


July 1st, Katherine K. Wilson

July 2nd, Cherry (Hoyt) Henricks

July 6th, Maxwell P. Lenz

July 7th, Andrew P. Hoyt

July 8th, Hugh (Tony) & Joan Hoyt, 40th Anniv.

July 9th, Benjamin Fordham III

July 10th, William Gregg

July 20th, Laura (Hoyt) Olson -BD (In Memory)

July 21st, Ruth (Hoyt) Edwards -BD (In Memory 1901-1994)

July 29th, Bernie M. Hoyt


August 1st, Paul M. Hoyt -BD (In Memory 1900-1975)

August 7th, Bernie & Laura Hoyt, 24th Anniv.

August 8th, Pati Watkins -BD

(Twin Pam Watkins -In Memory)

August 11th, Joshua P. Hoyt -BD

August 15th, Benjamin P. Hoyt -BD (Newborn 2007)

August 16th, Josh & Shan Hoyt, Anniv.

August 21st, Loralee Mericle -BD (In-Memory 1946-2006)

August 31st, Paul James Hoyt -BD


Setember 9th, Judith (Taylor) Kirby -BD

September 9th, Roger D. Hoyt-BD

September 13th, Loralee Mericle (In Memory, d. 2006, buried 20th)

September 17th, Helena Phetteplace -BD (89 -2008)

September 25th, Mary E. (Hoyt) Hernandez -BD


October 6th, Blanche Mericle - BD (91-2008)

October 20th, Brett Hoyt -BD (In Memory 1950-1996)


November 11th, Jo Ann Stearns Kabakoff Watkins

November 16th, Charlene (Crittenden) Hoyt

November 25th, James Van Wie

November 26th, David A. Hoyt

Novemebr 29th, Lisa K. Kaplan


December 2, Elaine (Springer) Beloit -BD

Decenber 2, Amy Jane (Hoyt) Taylor -BD, (90-2008)

December 4, Peter Lenz -BD

December 4, Wyatt. Lenz -BD

December 7th, Abigail E. Hoyt -BD

December 12, Linda Hoyt -BD

December 17th, Tyler N. Hoyt -BD

December 24th, Matthew Hoyt -BD

December 28, Ann (Edwards-Fordham) Anderson -BD

December 28th, Mark S. Hoyt -BD

December 29th, G. Gary Hoyt -BD (In Memory 1929-1994)

December 30th, John E. & Barbara Hoyt -AN



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