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HOYT - Twins John & Don Hoyt's Trip in

2001 of possible Hoyt Origins of Egypt & Middle Eastern areas, with the
y-DNA Haplo E1b1b1b2a1 M34 / PF2022




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New France New England Blaeu Map of 1635

Simon Hoyt lands in Near Boston, in Charlestown 1628-29


Michigan, America, & World Map of 'Our' Hoyt's - below


(By John Edward Hoyt, Jan. 2006)

I. Timothy Hoyt   Ridgefield, Fairfield Co., CT 1770-1820
  Born: 1770 Ridgefield, CT
    Meridian, Sennett, Cayuga Co., NY 1820-1840-60
Lived, Farmer, Miller  
    Lyons-Muir , Ionia Co., MI 1840-1860 on/off Bought Land Died: 1861 Muir, MI, bur. Soule Cem Cayuga Co., NY
7. Benjamin   Meridian, Sennett, Cayuga Co., NY 1817-1842 Born: 1817 Ridgefield, CT  
    Lyons-Muir , Ionia Co., MI 1843-1890

Bought Land,

Died: (?)

Buried: (?)
8. Jonathan G   Meridian, Sennett, Cayuga Co., NY 1822-1842 Born: 1822, Cayuga Co, NY  
    Muir, Ionia Co. MI 1843-1876 Farm & Grist Mill  
    Saline 1876-1885 1880 Grist Mill 1885 121a 1880 US Census
    Spokane, WA 1885-1891 Died: Oct. 29, 1891 Spokane,WA Buried: Greenwood Memorial Cemetery, Spokane, WA
8.1. George Greenwood   Meridian, Sennett, Cayuga Co., NY 1846   Born: 1846 CayugaCo, NY
* (Born in NY, raised Lyons-Muir)   Lyons-Muir, Ionia Co., MI 1846-1876 Farmed Lands & Operated Grist Mill 1875 Listed in ph. directory of Lyons
* (Changed these 3   Saline 1876-1878 Operated Mill Carrie born
cities around, due to   Elm Hall 1878-1883 Operated Mill Jonathan & Earnest born
births of children) * jeh-01/01/06 Curtisville 1883-1885 Operated Mill Ada F. born
    Stanton 1885-1895 Owned & Operated Hoyt Mill Roller Mill Burnt 1896
    Remus 1896-1922 George G & Sons Mill Buried: Remus, Wheatland Twnshp, Wamboldt Cem,MI
8.2.Emily M   Lyons-Muir 1860-1890 Born: 1850 Cayuga Co, NY m: John T Percival in Grand Haven MI
    Spokane, WA 1890-(?) John T.Percival in Ottawa Co Centinnial in 1888 Buried: Spokane, WA
8.3.William S   Lyons-Muir 1860-1880's Born: 1855 Cayuga Co, NY m. Jennie Hickmatt in Angola IN 1878
    Saline 1880-1884 Miller with Father  
    Spokane, WA 1884-1939 dau.Mary F. born in Spokane, WA Buried: Spokane, WA
8.4 Fredrick Van Wie   Lyons-Muir 1860-1876   Born: 1858 Cayuga Co,NY
    New Haven CT 1876-1881 Yale Graduate  
    Lyons-Muir 1881-1892 (?)    
    Spokane, WA 1893-1951   Buried 1951 Spokane, WA
8.5 Geo. Marcus   Lyons-Muir 1871-1877   Born 1871 Lyons-Muir, MI
    Pinckney 1877-1879    
    Elm Hall 1879-1882    
    Curtisville 1882-1886    
    Saline 1886-1890 Saline High School  
    Mio/McKinley 1890-1894 Pharmicist  
    Rose City, MI 03/03/1896 Marrried Abbie G. Rose
    Suttons Bay,TC 1905 (?) -1940 Pharmicist & Legis. Died & Buried in Suttons Bay, MI
  George K 1897-1940     Born 1897 Rose City, MI
    1905 (?) -1940   Phamicist Died & Burried Suttons Bay, MI
  m. Ane I. (Bequist) 1896-1917     Born N. Manitou Is., MI
    1917-1958     Died & Buried Suttons Bay, MI
  *Amy Jane Hoyt 1918- to Present (2005)     Born Suttons Bay, MI
  m. Ben Taylor 1918 (?) to Present (2005) m. Grand Traverse Co., MI   Born (?) Died 2014
  Owen Hoyt 1906-1924     Born & Buried Suttons Bay, TC, MI
    1924-1928 Ferris St. College Pharmacy School    
  m. Laura C. Olson 1925 m. Angola, Steuben Co., IN  

Born. 1905 Died. 1981 T.C. MI

  * Jacqueline Hoyt Suttons Bay     Born 1928 Suttons Bay, MI
  m1. Harry Laschen Jr.        
  m2. George Saito 1940    

Born 1940
m. 1980

  c. Jenifer T. Laschen Private     Born Detroit, Wayne Co., MI
  c. Matt Hoyt Laschen Private     Born Detroit, Wayne Co.,MI
  m. Reine Jo Nelson Private     Phoenix, Maricopa Co., AZ
  c. Blaire A. Laschen Private     Phoenix, Maricopa Co., AZ
  c. Rachel H. Laschen Private     Phoenix, Maricopa Co., AZ
  c. Valerie M. Laschen Private     Phoenix, Maricopa Co., AZ
  c. John J. A. Laschen Private     Phoenix, Maricopa Co., AZ
  * Geo. Gary Hoyt 1929     Born Suttons Bay, MI
    1994     Died Travares, FL Bur. Suttons Bay, MI
  m. Connie (Buchanan) 1951     m. Victory Lutheran Ch., Detroit, Wayne Co. MI
  c. Terry Hoyt 1952     Born Staten Island, NY
  m. Paul Connor 1972      
  c. Melissa L. Connor Private      
  c. Megan J. Connor Private      
  m. B. Meteer Private      
  c. A. E. Meteer Private      
  c. Mary E. Hoyt 1959     Born Detroit, Wayne Co.MI
  m. Richard Hernandez        
  *Linda. Hoyt born 1938 Wayne Co. Detroit, MI     died 2016 Kent Co., MI
    Big Rapids      
    Grand Rapids      
  m1. Damon Springer born 1937 Zanesville, OH     m. Traverse Ciry, MI
  m2.Robert DeLorne born 1943 Detroit, MI     m. 1971 Northport, Leelanau Co. MI
  c. Elaine Springer born 1959     Born Lansing, Ingham Co., MI
  m. Dreux Benoit

born 1958 Wayne Co., MI

died 2015 Mecosta Co., MI

    m. 1980 Big Rapids, Mecosta Co., MI
  c. Keith Benoit Priv.      
  c. Andre Benoit


8.1.1. Hugh P   Lyons-Muir 1872-1877   Born 1872 Lyons-Muir, Ionia Co., MI
    Pinckney 1877-1879    
    Elm Hall 1879-1882    
    Curtisville 1882-1886    
    Saline 1886-1890 Saline Hugh School  
    Detroit 1890-1894 Cleary Business School  
    Stanton 1886-1896 Stanton Mill, burnt in 1896  
    Remus 1896-1903 George G & Sons Mill  
    Deerfield 1903-1906 Deerfield, MI Flour Mill  
    Tecumseh 1906-1911 Hayden Mill, Tecumseh, MI  
    Clinton 1912-1953 Atlas Milling Co. Died: 1953, Buried Clinton, MI
  * Paul M. Remus 1900-1903   Born 1900 Remus
  (* Go Below) Deerfield 1903-1906    
    Tecumseh 1906-1911    
    Clinton 1912-1918 Clinton High School  
    Albion 1919-1920 Albion, MI College  
    Toledo, OH 1920-1929 Auto Parts Store  
    Detroit 1930-1941 Auto Parts Store  
    Dearborn 1942-1947    
    Clinton 1947-1975 Atlas Milling Co. Died 1975, Burried: Clinton, MI
  * Ruth G Remus 1901-1904 Born 1901 Remus  
    Deerfield 1903-1906    
    Tecumseh 1906-1911    
    Clinton 1912-1922    
    Florida 1922-1958    
    Pennsylvania 1958-1994   Buried, Plaque at Clinton, MI
  * Ada Francis Deerfield 1904-1906   Born 1903 Deerfield, MI
    Tecumseh 1906-1911    
    Clinton 1912-1925    
    S. Bend, IN 1927- (?)    
    Fond Dulac, WI
    Greencastle, IN 1930 (?)-1998   Buried, Plaque at Clinton, MI
  * Hugh H Clinton 1915-1931   Born: 1915 Clinton, MI
  * (Go Below) Delafield, WI 1931-34 (?)
    Chicago, IL 1934-1936 (?)
    Clinton, MI 1936-1954
    Decatur, IL 1955-1957    
    Red Wing, MN 1957-1961(?)    
    Toledo, OH 1961-1990   Died: 1990, Burried at Clinton, MI
8.1.2. Elizabeth I   Lyons-Muir 1874-1882   Born 1874 Lyons-Muir, MI
    Curtisville 1882-1885 School  
    Saline 1886-1890 Saline High School  
    Stanton 1890-1896 Stanton High School  
    Remus 1896-1902    
    East Tawas 1902-1908 m. EE Fell in Remus, MI  
    Caro 1908-1915    
    Holland 1915-1964   Buried in Holland, MI w. E.E. Fell
8.1.3. Carrie M   Saline 1877-1879    
    Elm Hall 1879-1883    
    Curtisville 1883-1885 Saline Schools  
    Stanton 1885-1895 Stanton High School  
    Remus 1895-1907 Remus High School m. Wm Colegrove
    Holland 1955-1964 Until Elizabeth I. Died in Holland, MI  
    Shrevesport, LA 1965-1974 (?) Lived w/ Wm Dana Colegrove, Jr


    Clute, TX 1975-1984 (?)   Died: in 1984, at 106 3/, Buried Shrevesport, LA
8.1.5. Jonathan Gerould   Elm Hall 1879-1882   Born 1879, Elm Hall, MI
    Curtisville 1882-1885    
    Saline 1885-1890 Saline Schools  
    Stanton 1890-1896 Stanton Schools  
    Remus 1896-1907 Remus High School  
    Hammond, LA 1908-1919 (?)    
    Shrevesport, LA 1920-1965   Buried Shrevesport, LA
8.1.6. Earnest Edward   Elm Hall 1881-1882   Born 1881 Elm Hall, MI
    Curtisville 1882-1885    
    Saline 1885-1890    
    Stanton 1890-1896    
    Remus 1896-1906 Remus High School  
    Pinckney 1906-1912 Pinckney Mill  
    Clinton 1912-1952 Atlas Milling Co.

Mill Accident-Died; 1952, Buried in Clinton, MI

  m. Emma W. (Tiney)   m. 1902, Ohio    
    Clinton 1912-1960   Died, 1960, Buried in Clinton, MI
8.1.7. Ada Fredrica   Curtisville 1882-1885   Born 1882 Curtisville, MI
    Saline 1886-1890    
    Stanton 1890-1896    
    Remus 1895-1913 Remus High School married, & moved
    Prescott 1913-1973   Buried Prescott, OgemawCo, MI
  m. Joseph Almon Sparling Remus, MI   Prescott Buried Prescott, OgemawCo, MI
* Paul M Familiies          
m. 1st. Eleanor Edward (Thompson)   Toledo, OH 1920    
1. Betty Jean   Toledo, OH 1925-1975 (?)   Born 1925 Toledo,
    Deerfield Beach, FL 1970-Present
  m. Robert Pomeroy Ohio     Died abt. 1998
2. Katherine Jean   Toledo, OH 1929-1975   Born 1929 Toledo, OH
  m. Donald F Moench Ohio 1950    
    San Antonio, TX 1975-Present
m. 2nd. Charlotte Pauline (Mericle)   Belleville, MI 1941    
3. Paul James   Dearborn 1945-1947   Born 1945 Dearborn, MI
    Clinton 1947-1963 Clinton HS  
    Ann Arbor 1963-1966 U of M  
    Loring, Maine 1966-1970 US Air Force  
    Orlando, FL 1970-1985    
    Newport News, VA 1985-Present
4. Donald E   Clinton 1947-1965 Clinton HS  
    Chicago, IL 1965-1967 DeVry Tech  
    Kalamazoo, MI 1967-1969 WMU  
    Saline, MI 1969-1985    
    Orlando, FL 1985-Present    
  m. Charlene Sue (Crittenden) Grand Rapids, MI 1972   Born in Holland, MI
5. John E   Clinton 1947-1965 Clinton HS  
    Mt. Pleasant, MI 1965-1968 CMU  
    Toledo, OH 1968-1969 Theater/Movie Co.  
    Mt. Pleasant, MI 1969-1970 Restaurant  
    Grand Rapids 1970-1971 Theater Co.  
    Holland 1972-1973 Restaurant  
    Grand Rapids 1973-1974 Restaurant  
    Kalamazoo 1974-1976 WMU-Foodervice  
    Lowell 1976-1984 Steelcase  
    Grand Rapids 1985-1986 Steelcase  
    Rockford-Belmont 1987-1990 Steelcase  
    Kentwood 1990-1995 Steelcase  
    Wilmington, NC 1995-1997 North carloina Beach, NC  
    Savannah, GA 1997-1999    
    Grand Rapids 1999-2000    
    Rockford, MI 2000-Present    
  m. 1st. Ann Louise (Stone) St.Judes C.C. Grand Rapids, MI 1973 Div. Kent Co.1985 3 sons
  m. 2nd.Linda Jean (McClellan) Cong. Ch. Rockford, MI 1986 Div. Kent Co.1989 No Children
  m. 3rd. Marcia Jean (Groenendyk) Hudsonville, MI 1990 Div. Kent Co.1993 No Children
  m. 4th. Barbara Faye Rumble (TerHaar) United Methodist, Grand Rapids, MI 2000   No Children
  1. Jason C Hoyt Kalamazoo, MI     Born 1975, Kalamazoo, MI
  m. A. M.

London, UK

NY City

2004   Born Redcar, UK
  2. Joshua P Hoyt Lowell, MI     Born: 1976 Lowell, MI
  m. Shan Ablak Pittsburgh, PA 2003   Born: PA
  c. Alessnadra D. Hoyt Private      
  c. Brooks S. Hoyt Private      
  3. Justin E Hoyt Lowell, MI     Born: 1981, Lowell, MI
6. Judith Lynn   Clinton 1952-1970   Born 1952, Clinton
    Tecumseh 1970-1972 EMU  
    Chicago, IL 1972- 1977 College  
    Montego Bay, Jamaica 1977-78 with Mother Pauline (Cancer)  
    Denver, CO 1979-1990    
    Las Vegas, NV 1990-1995 (?)    
    Tucson, AZ 1995-1998 (?)    
    Las Vegas, NV 1998-2002
    Tucson, AZ 2003 to Present    
  m. Guy Sinnett Colorado   Div Died abt 1996 Denver, CO
* Hugh H Families   Clinton 1915-1931   Born: 1915 Clinton, MI
m. 1st. Betty Ann (Miller)   Toledo, OH 1937   Born 1916,
1. Hannah   Clinton 1939-1955   Born 1939 Clinton, MI
    Decatur, IL 1955-1957
    Red Wing, MN 1957- (?)    
    White Bear Lake, MN (?) to Present    
  m. Eugene Victor Wilson MN 1960 Born 1938 Born 1938 Buried 1991 Wh Bear Lk, MN
  1. Elizabeth J Manhatten, NY 1963-(?)   Born 1963 Manhatten, NY
    St. Paul, MN 1964-(?)    
  m. Daniel Vadnais   1988    
  2. Katherine K St.Paul, MN     Born 1964 St. Paul, MN
  m. Greg Thingvold   1987    
  3. Margaret E St.Paul, MN     Born 1966 St. Paul, MN
  m. Paul Syfko   1989    
  4. Amy Ann St.Paul, MN     Born 1968 St. Paul,. MN
  m. Paul Skaj St.Paul, MN 1991    
2. Hugh Anthony   Clinton 1940-1955   Born 1940 Clinton, MI
    Decatur, IL 1955-1957    
    Red Wing, MN 1957- (?)    
    Bowling Green, OH 1957-1961 (?)    
    Oxford, OH 1970-Present    
  m. Joan Marie (Lukacs)   1966   Born: 1938, Detroit, MI
  1. Mark S Lansing, MI     Born 1967 Lansing, MI
  m. Kimberly Joy Nicholas Chicago, IL 1995    
  2. David A Lansing, MI     Born 1969 Lansing, MI
  m. Lisa Ann Weisgerber Charlevoix, MI 2001    
  3. Andrew P Bowling Green, OH     Born 1972 Bowling Green, OH
  m. Bernadette Jennifer Revenew Chicago, IL 2001    
3. Mark Miller   Clinton 1942-1954   Born 1941 Clinton, Lenawee Co., MI Died 1953 Clinton, Lenawee Co., MI Buried in Riverdide Cem., Clinton, MI
4. Peggy Louise   Clinton 1944-1955   Born 1944, Clinton, MI
    Decatur, IL 1955-1957
    Red Wing, MN 1957- (?)    
    Toledo, OH 1960's to Prersent    
  m. William J. Lenz, Jr. Toledo, OH 1968  

Born 1945 Toledo, Lucas Co., OH

Died 2013 Toledo, Lucas Co., OH

  1. William J (BJ) Columbus, OH     Born 1971 Columbus, OH
    Toledo, OH 1975    
    Columbus, OH 1995-1999 OSU Dental Sch
    Sunbury, OH 2001 to Present    
  m. Paula Ann (Craft)   1998    
  2. Peter H Philadephia, PA     Born 1974 Philadephia, PA
    Toledo, OH 1975    
    Columbus, OH 1996    
    Fairborn, OH 2001 to Present    
  m. Carolyn Marie (Long)   2002    
  3. Karl H Toledo, OH     Born in Toledo, OH
    Columbus, OH 1999-Present Columbus State Univ., OH  
5. Brett David   Clinton 1950-1955   Born 1950 Clinton, MI
    Decatur, IL 1955-1957
    Red Wing, MN 1957- (?)
    Toledo, OH 1960's-1973 Toledo Univ.  
    Detroit, MI 1973-1978    
    Milwalkee, WI 1982-1984    
    Freeport, IL 1984-1989    
    Manitowoc, WI 1989-1996   Died: 1996, Buried 1996 Manitowoc, WI
  m. Janet Marie (Hite)   1972   Born 1950 Toledo, OH
  1. Brian D Dearborn, MI     Born Dearborn, MI
    Manitowoc, WI 1980-1994 (?)    
    Milwalkee, WI 1994-1998 Marquette Univ.
    San Diego, CA 1999-Present Fin. Planner  
  m. Courtney R. Wallace Private      
  c. Emerson R. Hoyt Private      
  2. Julie M Dearborn, MI     Born Dearborn, MI
    Manitowoc, WI 1980-1997
    Milwalkee, WI 1997-2001 Univ of Wisconsin  
    Shorewood, WI 2002-Present Teacher  
  m. Mark D, Hendrickson Private      
  c. Brett M. Hendrickson Private      
  3. Elizabeth A "Beth" Brookfield,WI 1988-1996   Born Brookfield, WI
    Ann Arbor, MI 1997-2002 U of M  
    New York City, NY 2010?-Present    
6. Bernard Mark "Bernie"   Clinton 1953-1955   Born 1953 Clinton, MI
    Decatur, IL 1955-1957
    Red Wing, MN 1957- (?)    
    Toledo, OH 1960's - 1973    
    Guam, US Navy 1973-1976 San Diego State Univ.  
    San Diego, CA 1976 to Present    
  m. Laura Jean (Weiss)   1982   Born 1959 Berkley, CA
  1. Kristopher J San Diego, CA     Born 1982 San Diego, CA
7. Mary Kate   Decatur, IL 1955-1957   Born 1955 Decatur, IL
    Red Wing, MN 1957-(?)    
    Toledo, OH 1960's to Present    
  m. Jerry Vetter Toledo, Oh.   Div.  
  c. Kacey E. Vetter Private      
  m. C. J. Meyers Private      
  c. Mary M. Vetter Private      
  c. Colleen E. Vetter Private      
  c. Martin R. Vetter Private      
Hugh H m. 2nd Audrey (Gloppe) Mendez     1994  

Died 2001 MN, Buried Clinton, MI







ELM Hall




























Buried NY










 1885 WA






Stanton 1890-96















 1890 WA










1885 WA










1893 WA






Sa 1886-90






George K










Owen A















Sa 1886-90 St 1890-96



D. 1903-06

T. 1906-11


1952-53 FL

Paul M







D. 1903-06

T. 1906-11

1912-19 /



Ruth G /

Ada F







D.R/A04-06 T.R/A06-11

R 1912-22

A 1912-24

R1922 FL/PA

A1927-98 IN

Hugh H









1955-95 IN-OH





Sa 1886-90 St 1890-96











Sa 1886-90 St 1890-96





1965-84 LA






Sa 1886-90 St 1890-96





1908-65 LA






Sa 1886-90 St 1890-96










Sa 1886-90 St 1890-96







Hoyt Migration Map-US

History of Ridgefield, CT & Keeler Tavern built in 1713 by Benjamin Hoyt - ( 7th Gen. Direct Ancestor )
HHH pg 328 Children of David (2618) & Mary Hoyt- pg 329 Benjamin Luiet) (2685)


Hoyt - World Migration Route


As of 02/04/08, New recent DNA searches of close realtion to 'our' Simon Hoyt branch, with findings in several Y-dna search engines, has given a new World picture, of possible relation in bloodlines, of current individuals from many different surnames, examples are: Heydt, from Germany, Hiett, & Hiatt from England, Ivey descendant from Somerset Co., England, just to name a few.

The recent DNA Hite/Hoyt study also states that it is likely from the findings, that the Hoyt's in England, were not there much more then a few centuries, before the 2 migrated to America, so we are talking that possibly we are talking of the 2 different Hoyt's, coming to the British Isles.

The possible scenerio's for thr Hoyt migration routes and timeline; are propsed after much researching.

Below are 5 examples of possible Migration Routes of the Hoyt's into England. Other routes from Middle East came later during the Crusades 11-1300 A.D. View below Reference numbers.

E3b1c1, coming out of Eurasian Steppes (Iran/Iraq), traveling South to Israel,
then into Egypt, and then Northward into Mediterranean, looks like the travels of
Bible fame, of Abraham's Families, matbe the (Sythians) below?

+15. History of the Britons: Scythian family Egyptian after the Red Sea
Reign of RamsesI, 1295 B.C. - 1002 years = 295 B.C. into Ireland

19. Julius Ceasar bringing many soldiers 3 diff. times to England =44 BC

37. Hengist-Ireland King, orders 16 vessels of from Scythia =400 A.D.

66. Saxons invited by King Vortigern (430 A.D.) Druids & Celts

75. Cathageams conquer Spain in 237 B.C.


+ Some E, P2, E3b, E3b3a people, possibly, may have came when the Romans invaded Britian in 43 A.D.

NEW Simon Hoyt/e Haplogroup Test SNP Deep Testing November 2006 Results;
E3b3a to E1b1b1c1a = Eurasian Steepes to Near East & Ethiopia area origins
M123+ M34+ M84+M35+ M96+ P2+ M107- M136- M148- M165- M2- M281- M78- M81-

E3b3a (E-M123/M34)
E3b3a is an E3b sub-clade defined by the SNPs M123 and M34. Paracchini et al saw E3b3a among Cauacasians in the US at a frequency of about 2%. Cruciani et al saw evidence that E3b3a originated in the Near East. It occurs in Europe at a rate of 1.7% and may have been introduced there by Neolithic farmers from the Near East. However the authors point out that the lack of E3b3a in southeastern Europe weakens that hypothesis, and suggest that it may have been introduced to Europe directly from Africa. The paper by Semino et al includes a good map (named "E-M123") that shows the distribution of E3b3a in Europe, Africa, and the Near East. Cruciani et al found E3b3a at frequencies of 2-7% in Italy, and at low frequencies among Corsicans and Asturians. They reported rates of E3b3a in the Near East of 2-8%. Semino et al saw E3b3 among Ashkenazi and Sephardi Jews at a rate of 10-12%.

No description of the E3b3a haplotype was given in the paper by Cruciani et al.

Only two individuals (from Bulgaria and from Central Asia) have been seen who had the M123 mutation, but did not have the M34 mutation. The E3b3a sub-group defined by M136 has only been seen in two individuals from Pakistan/India.

+ These seems most plausible of Hoyt Y-dna Haplogroup of E3b3a (E3b1c1), migratiin of Romans above; or Scythian of Ancient Iranian peoples, and of the travels out of Egypt at time of Israelites & Moses going out of bondage, as well as, giving substance to DNA haplogroup of Simon Hoyt being of E3b, with having Global traces in the Ukrainian to Senegal to Spain & Portugal, and Irish & finally, England, and into America, leaving the E3b Y-dna tracts.More indepth test on this Haplogroup will tell us more of the genographic migration and timelines.

History of Briton
Source below:
15. According to the most learned among the Scots, if any one desires to learn what I am now going to state, Ireland was a desert, and uninhabited, when the children of Israel crossed the Red Sea, in which, as we read in the Book of the Law, the Egyptians who followed them were drowned. At that period, there lived among this people, with a numerous family, a Scythian^ of noble birth, who had been banished from his country and did not go to pursue the people of God. The Egyptians who were left, seeing the destruction of the great men of their nation, and fearing lest he should possess himself of their territory, took counsel together, and expelled him. Thus reduced, he wandered forty-two years in Africa, and arrived, with his family, at the altars of the Philistines, by the Lake of Osiers. Then passing between Rusicada and the hilly country of Syria, they travelled by the river Malva through Mauritania as far as the Pillars of Hercules; and crossing the Tyrrhene Sea, landed in Spain, where they continued many years, having greatly increased and multiplied. Thence, a thousand and two years after the Egyptians were lost in the Red Sea, they passed into Ireland, and the district of Dalrieta.* At that period, Brutus, who first exercised the consular office, reigned over the Romans; and the state, which before was governed by regal power, was afterwards ruled, during four hundred and forty-seven years, by consuls, tribunes of the people, and dictators.
* North-western part of Antrim in Ulster.

Scythia was an area in Eurasia inhabited in ancient times by a group of Iranian people speaking Indo-Iranian languages, known as the Scythians. The location and extent of Scythia varied over time, from the Altai region where Mongolia, China, Russia, and Kazakhstan come together, across South of Ukraine to the lower Danube river area, Bulgaria and Georgia. The Saka were Asian Scythians and were known as Sai (Character: ?, Old Sinitic *s?k) to the Chinese.
The Scythians first appear in Assyrian annals as Ishkuzai, who are reported as pouring in from the north some time around 700 BC, settling in Ascania and modern Azerbaijan as far as to the southeast of Lake Urmia. The Scythians were possibly a branch of the Gimirru mentioned in Assyrian annals at approximately the same time, (Ivancik), even though the ancient Greek historian Herodotus of Halicarnassus describes the Kimmerioi, or Cimmerians, as a distinct tribe, the autochthonous population of the Northern Black Sea Coast, which was expelled by the Scythians (Hist. 4.11-12).
The most significant Scythian tribes mentioned in the Greek sources resided in the steppe between the Dnipro and Don rivers.

As the above "History of Briton" tells us, in Number 15, the large Scythian family wandered in Africa for 42 years, before migrating to Spain from The Malva River in Mauritania, and landing in Ireland 1002 years after the Red Sea event. And, possibly left some of their family & their genes in African countries, and that's possibly why the Haplogroup E3b shows up in Senegal nowadays, and in the Ukraine and Southern Russia and that Scythians are from Ancient Iran, before this Sythian Noble Family left to go to Egypt.


John E. Hoyt's Haplogroup markers E3b1c1 **New 2007** renaming.. E1b1b1c1
M123+ M34+ M84+M35+ M96+ P2+ M107- M136- M148- M165- M2- M281- M78- M81-

E1b1b1c1a This branch likely originated in western Asia, and some of
its lineages then migrated into eastern Africa, possibly through the
Nile River corridor, and into the Near East. E3b1c is currently
found in the Near East, North Africa, and some of Europe, and has a
significant presence in Jewish lineages.

"The above findings leads me to believe that during the last 2 ice ages, our
ancestors came South from the Eurasian Steppes into Egypt & North-Eastern
Africa. Where upon tour E3b1c1 & Simon Hoyt/e clan prospered as bedouins
until Egyptian Pharaonic Era & Jewish lineage and History came about",
and possibly, then caused a migration of Simon Hoyt/e's family ancestors to move into the
Mediterranean, Spain, Wales, England. after 0 B.C.E., either by trade ships
from Spain or by Roman capture, or soldier coming to early Britain.

This makes it highly possible that we were of a Sythian families from the above theory.
-jehoyt, 02-04-2008.

Possible New Theory, 10-16-2008, based on the Exodus Decoded film by James Cameron, told by Simsha Jacobivici, our family may have been with the Jews when they came into Egypt, called Hyksos, of 1700 B.C.E., and lived in the N.E. Delta area in a now buried ancient city of Avaris, expelled from Egypt in 1500 B.C.E. after enslavment, moved out of Egypt in the Great Exodus, and then took ship to Greek Islands or Myceane, Greece, and moved Northward from that area, as Egyptian swords & gold were found there, and the world's oldest map in Santorini tells of ancient Minoans traveling to Egypt, where no record of this trading and mingling of peoples were known before 2001.


The Anglo-Saxon Cronicles 1-448 A.D. (Kimg Alfred The Great)

The island Britain (1) is 800 miles long, and 200 miles broad. And there are in the island five nations; English, Welsh (or British) (2), Scottish, Pictish, and Latin. The first inhabitants were the Britons, who came from Armenia (3), and first peopled Britain southward. Then happened it, that the Picts came south from Scythia, with long ships, not many; and, landing first in the northern part of Ireland, they told the Scots that they must dwell there. But they would not give them leave; for the Scots told them that they could not all dwell there together; "But," said the Scots, "we can nevertheless give you advice. We know another island here to the east. There you may dwell, if you will; and whosoever withstandeth you, we will assist you, that you may gain it." Then went the Picts and
entered this land northward. Southward the Britons possessed it, as we before said. And the Picts obtained wives of the Scots, on condition that they chose their kings always on the female side (4); which they have continued to do, so long since. And it happened, in the run of years, that some party of Scots went from
Ireland into Britain, and acquired some portion of this land. Their leader was called Reoda (5), from whom they are named Dalreodi (or Dalreathians).

((A.D. 47 . This was in the fourth year of his reign, and in this
same year was the great famine in Syria which Luke speaks of in
the book called "Actus Apostolorum".))


The E3b (E1b1b1c1a) Y-dna haplogroup, also shows up in Portugal, & Sicily. This is on a direct route from the migration taken from these Irish Sythians after the Egyptian disaster at the Red Sea, with Moses & Ramses I, and the Israelites. Other countries that my Simon Hoyt/e Y-dna markers have had hits in are, England, Germany (Holt, Hoedt), Norway (Holt & Holst), & Australia (Heath).




A new Theory of Migration of the Arabian Clusters of E groups M-34 = "The Crusades"

The Russian Journal of Genetic Genealogy: Vol 1, No2, 2010
ISSN: 1920-2989 © All rights reserved RJGG 12
Arabian clusters of haplogroup
E1b1b1c1(a) (M34)

The 11th through the 13th century, shows us; the World timeline with; the Incas & Aztecs in power, Tartars ruling Russia, the Crusades established in Latin Empire, with the 4th through the 7th Crusades, Khanates (mongols-Ghenghis Khan) in Prussia, Great Mongol War & Yuan Dynasty in China, and the Kamakura Shogunate in Japan was in power.



75. Iberia - Spain HOYT DNA Connection Theory

In 237, Hasdrubal and Hamilcar went to Gades (Cadiz), and embarked upon a campaign of conquest in Iberia. There was much to be won in Andalusia, which has silver mines and is extremely fertile. Besides: armies could be trained, far away from Roman spies. It is possible that Hamilcar was already dreaming of renewed war against the treacherous Romans. Although Hasdrubal later returned to Africa, he continued to support the war, especially when silver and other booty started to arrive.
It is hard to reconstruct the conquest of Iberia, but it seems that the plain of the Guadalquivir was the first to be conquered, and that at a slightly later stage, the Carthaginians founded a new capital, called White Promontory (Leuke Akra), probably Alicante. In 231, Hamilcar received a Roman embassy, which received the famous reply that the Carthaginians were not fighting against Roman allies, but trying to get the money
to pay the Roman indemnity. Rome was content with this answer and decided not to interfere.
In 229, Hamilcar tried to capture the port of Helike (modern Elche), but the town received native reinforcements, and Hamilcar had to give up the siege. During the retreat, he drowned. Hamilcar was succeeded by Hasdrubal the Fair. When he died in 221, Hamilcar's son Hannibal Barca was appointed as general of the Spanish army. In 218, he provoked the war with Rome. His brothers Hasdrubal Barca and Mago Barca were important commanders too, and it is not exaggerated to say that the Second Punic War was only made possible by Hamilcar, who had given Carthage three excellent generals and a rich power base.



(This is another one of my theories of Migration from the African Continent to Western Europe. When Hamilcar Barca brought his legions from Carthage, and conquered Iberian Peninsula in 237 b.c., many of his war suppliers followed and thus stayed and built families and even helped son, Hannibal (Hamilcar's son) to topple the Roman Empire. It's possible that the Hoyt Clan from Africa migrated with Hamilcar & Carthaginians. to Iberia and then onto Ireland-England.-jeh)

. The timeline to World History at the time of the 2 Hoyt's migrating to America, shows us; that the 100 years war was ongoing, War of the Roses, Hapsburg Emperors were in power, the Byzantine Empire was ending, as the Ottoman Empire was kicking up, while Russia was ruled by the 'Golden Horde', and China & Ming Dynasty were making ships to India & East Africa.


DNA Study Traces Europeans Ancestry

Science & Biblical Origins and Migrations

Also watch the film, Exodus Decoded, 2006.

The following is a brief summary of the Science story.

from The Associated Press

WASHINGTON - About 80 percent of Europeans arose from primitive hunters who arrived about 40,000 years ago, endured the long ice age and then expanded rapidly to dominate the continent, a new study shows.

Researchers analyzing the Y chromosome taken from 1,007 men from 25 different locations in Europe found a pattern that suggests four out of five of the men shared a common male ancestor about 40,000 years ago.

Peter A. Underhill, a senior researcher at the Stanford Genome Technology Center in Palo Alto, Calif., and co-author of the study, said the research supports conclusions from archaeological, linguistic and other DNA evidence about the settlement of Europe by ancient peoples.

"When we can get different lines of evidence that tell the same story, then we feel we are telling the true history of the species," said Underhill.


Note: The DNA (E3b) Study of the SIMON HOYT DESCENDANT LINEAGE in AMERICA shows that we are not of this Y-chromosone haplogroup (R1a/b), are NOT considerered in the 40,000 years in European Common Ancestor, but of the Mesopotamia to Ethiopia corridor.

(see my HOYT DNA Web Page and links to the HITE/HOYT Study).


(Simon Hoyte Trans-Atlantic Crossing 1629, Ship, Lyons Whelp)

A Little History of EARLY MAN

The Great European Migration began from last Ice Age approx. 10-15,000 years ago.

Early Man Throughout World

Early Man Natural Habitat Zone Eurasia

Early Man Possible Village-Farming Routes in Eurasia

Pre-Historic Man
Throughout the Eastern World

Natural & Human Habitat
Zones in Eurasia

Possible Village & Farming
Routes in Eurasia

(Go to HOYTDNA Page for DNA Evidence )


Other Suggested Sources and Books to Read, for the Human DNA Journey are:


E3b (now E1b1b) in 1500 A.D. World Map (taken from

E1b1b, (E3b) which is at once the most common Y haplogroup among Ethiopians, Somalis, Eritreans and North African Berbers and Arabs, is also the third most frequently observed Y chromosome haplogroup in Europe. E1b1b has three common subclades: M78, M81, and M34.

M78 is found throughout North and Northeast Africa, as well as the Near East and Europe. Its network shows high geographic structuring. The a cluster is particular to Europe, where it is highest in the Balkans. It enjoys frequencies of about 31.6% among Greeks[3] with a frequency of about 47% in the Peloponnese region of Greece,[4] about 25% among Albanians at large[4] with a frequency of 46% among Albanians in Kosovo[5], and frequencies of about 20% in some South Slavic populations (Serbs, Macedonians, Bulgarians)[6]. Among Jews both in Europe and the Middle East, E1b1b is the second most common Y haplogroup after J.[7]. A ß and a ? cluster are particular to North and Northeast Africa, respectively. A fourth, d, cluster is found in all regions albeit at low frequencies. Cruciani suggests that it was the d cluster that spread M78 throughout North and Northeast Africa, the Near East and later Europe, c. 14 KYA. It was only during later population expansions bearing the a, ß and ? clusters (which diverged from the d cluster) that led to E1b1b's current high frequency.

In Northeast Africa, the subclade M34 appears to be restricted to Ethiopia. However, M34 chromosomes have been found in a large majority of the populations from the Near East. M34 chromosomes from Ethiopia show lower variances than those from the Near East and appear closely related in the M34 network. Thus, it is assumed that M34 chromosomes were introduced into Ethiopia from the Near East.[8]

M81, the other major subclade of E1b1b, is heavily concentrated in North Africa among both the Berber and Arab populations of that region. M81 is also found, albeit at low frequencies of 1.6-4%, in Iberia. Cruciani attributes its presence in Iberia to a recent migration of M81 carrying peoples from the Maghreb, perhaps coinciding with the Islamic conquest of Spain.

Scholars such as Hammer et al. and Semino et al. have linked the spread of E1b1b into Europe to an ancient migration from East Africa mediated through North African and Middle Eastern farmers during the Neolithic period. However, given the predominance of a cluster of subclade M78 in Europe, Cruciani concluded that it was spread through Europe via peoples indigenous to Southeastern Europe, perhaps in response to the arrival of Neolithic farming by way of cultural contact with the Near East. In turn, it originally arrived into Europe, perhaps, directly from North or Northeast Africa. Thus, its distribution is not simply due to a process of uniform spread of people from a single Near Eastern origin, but rather a series of distinct migrations.

Important Paper: Origin, Diffussion, and Differentiations of the
Y-Chromosome Haplogroups E and J: Inferences on the Neolithization of Europe
and Later Migratory Events in the Mediterranean Area.
in (pdf) format

Important sections explains our E3b3a (E1b1b1c1a) haplogroup; origin & time, YCC - E: (3)M35 & (b)M123

Table 1: Origins & Groups Page 6 & Scatter Graph M35 & M123 = Near East, Ethiopia, Europe Page 8

View YAP E(Hg) Haplogroup - Origins Maps

Click HERE -->To View & Play, Middle East Empires Map through Biblical to Now

****Places the Middle East in Perspective to Different causes of Migration..possibly the Hoyt's..****

1. Spencer Wells, "Journey of Man, A Genetic Odyssey"

2. Bryan Sykes, "The Seven Daughters of Eve: The Science That Reveals Our Genetic Ancestry".

3. Steve Olsen, "Mapping Human History: Discovering the Past through Our Genes".

4. Matt Ridley, "Nature Via Nurture: Genes, Experience, and What Makes Us Human".

5. Leonard Shlain, "Sex, Time and Power: How Women's Sexuality Shaped Human Evolution".

The people to be reigned over by David's throne were to be descendants of the tribes of Israel, who migrated from Palestine

through Europe to the "appointed place" (2 Samuel 7:10), identified as the (British) "Isles" (Isaiah 41:1).
In Genesis 12:2, God declares: "I will make thy name great". Only one nation today is called great -- Great Britain. This promise is even more significant when it is noted that the Hebrew root word for "Brit" means "covenant" and the word "ish" means "man". The compound word "British" therefore is literally "covenant man" and "Britain", "covenant land".

Question: Could our Hoyt/e Ancestry be of the bloodline of the Lost Tribes of Israel,

and the connection to the claim of Great Britian's Bloodlines? - Messianic Royal Bloodline of King David

In considering the matter of genealogy, some may question how Zedekiah's daughter could have been a link in this Royal lineage. God made it clear centuries before that, "If a man die, and have no son then ye shall cause his inheritance to pass to his daughter," as is done in Britain's Royal House (Numbers 27:8).
The College of Heralds (London) has traced Queen Elizabeth II to be the 144th direct descendant of King David.




Britian's First Tax Rolls Document


The Anglo-Saxon Cronicles - A Timeline


CURRY RIVEL - ( In the Church of Curry Rivel is half a hide, a Priest holds...)



SEAVINGTON-ST. MARY - (XLVII - The Land of the King's Thegns)

( a mill is mentioned )



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