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Posted June 12, 2008

I am seeking information about Jedediah Hoyt who died in Luzerne County, PA ca. 1802. He left property to Stephen and Ransford Hoyt, whom I believe were brothers who later settled in Champaign County, OH ca. 1808 and Kalamazoo County, MI ca. 1828. Stephen (sometimes spelled Stephens) Hoyt was a frontier judge and died in 1832. His wife was Mary "Polly" Carter.

Was Jedediah born in CT as were many of these Luzerne County settlers? Who did he marry? I suspect that "Ransford" is a family name, perhaps the maiden name of Jedediah's wife or mother. If you have information about this man or his kin in Luzerne County, PA, I would like to hear from you.
Tammy Wilson
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Posted 12/12/07

I am looking for the ancestry of Daniel Hoyt (11 Mar 1771 - 21 Aug 1841), married to Susannah Brownell (5 Apr 1771 - 8 Aug 1847) and his brother, Ebenezer (??- before 2 Jun 1817) married to Rebecca Pickney (1768 - 8 Jan 1857). I found a will of John Hoyt "late of Decatur, Co Otsego, NY. John, in the will abstract, lists a daughter, Mary. Others listed in the will, but not identified at to relationship, are Elnathan, Nathan, David, My Daus", Ebenezer, and Daniel.

Bruce A. Julseth
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Posted 12/03/07

Date: Sat, 15 Dec 2001 15:17:43 EST
From: Pelhamdan@aol.com
Subject: Henry John Hoyt
To: johnhoyt@johnhoyt.com

Dear John,

Thank you for presenting your very interesting website. I am helping my
82-year-old father-in-law, Charles Hoyt, trace his family. We had a great
breakthrough when we discovered his great-grandfather Henry John Hoyt b. abt.
1823. We know from his military record that he was born in New York and have
recently learned from newly discovered family members that he was married to
Elizabeth Graves in Jefferson Co., New York in 1845, just prior to moving to
Wisconsin where the family of six children were born, most of them in
Mondovi, Buffalo Co., WI.
Although we don't know that Henry John Hoyt was born in Jefferson Co., New
York, we have found in Jefferson Co. both a John Hoyt in the 1840 census and
a Samuel Hoyt in the 1850 census. Both John and Samuel are old enough to be
Henry John's father. The 1840 census tells us that there was a teenage male
in John Hoyt's household in the age range for birth in 1823. Samuel Hoyt and
his wife were both born in New Hampshire.

We are wondering if you have any information or leads on the Hoyts of
Jefferson Co., NY that might help in the search for Henry John Hoyt's
parents. The only other clue we have at this point is the written
recollection of one of his grandchildren that he was "Scotch." Since this
could be of maternal derivation, we don't know if this suggests that Henry
John is not a descendant of the Simon Hoyt family.

Best wishes and thank you again for your help.
Dan Wharton (& Marilyn Hoyt)




Posted 11/30/07

Jo Anne (Haight) Schultz search for her Simon Haight/Hoyte parentage..
Cecil Guy Haight Jr—Brother (Tested y-dna and found Simon Haight/Hoyte markers.)
Cecil Guy Haight Sr—Father
Samuel Haight—Grandfather
Francis Marion Haight—Great Grandfather
Benjamin Kip Haight—Great Great Grandfather.

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I found your contact on GR by searching on the name SAVAGE, but although I've also got SAVAGE family in my tree, I doubt we have people in common. Chance are we may find someone who shares your family names if we pool our resources. It's worked well for other family names I'm researching.

I've set up a group of researchers looking into the SAVAGE family so that we can share all our data and have a place to save anything we want about the family name etc. I'm hoping that it will be easier to share without repeating lots of information to different researchers at different times. It's worked well for other family names I'm researching. You'd be most welcome to join and hopefully find other researchers who can help with your search as well as share what you have.


Thanks for getting back to me and I'd most grateful if you pass the link on to anyone you think may be interested. They are welcome to contact me direct if unsure, or have trouble in getting access as sometimes happens with yahoo. Great site, but nothing's perfect.
If you ever get around to tracing descendants of your SAVAGE link then do think of us. I've had people with the one name in other groups and they've found cousins via the site and traced through the female line to living folks.

Take care and happy hunting,




Posted 06-09-2007

From: Harold Hurlbert
To: jeh49341@chartermi.com
Sent: Saturday, June 09, 2007 5:10 PM

I am looking for a Annie Hoit/Hoyt. She and her son Frank went with my grandfather Hugh Rankin Hurlburt to the Boston area about 1900. They had a son, who died and twin boys who died. She died and was left there. My aunt remembers Frank visiting her, when she was a little girls. 1910-1920. I have a picture of Annie. I do not know if that is her family name or a married name. My grandfather was born in Nova Scotia and came to Maine in 1883. He was living in Crystal, west of Houlton when he bet Annie. Frank was always recalled with affection by my aunts. I hope to fill in the story of this part of my grandfather's life. I can email the picture if anyone is interested.
Call Harold Hurlbert Surry, Maine, 667-3718




Posted 07/07/2006 1:05am

I am seeking proof of the parents of Stephen(s) Hoyt (b~1770, d. 1832 Schoolcraft, MI.) His wife was Mary "Polly" Carter, b. 1783 NY or NJ, d. 1852 in MI.

Several unsubstantiated claims have been made about this couple. First, it is said that Stephens Hoyt fought in the War of 1812 as "a captain in Hull's Army." However, the State of Ohio and National Archives have no such record. Some also claim that Stephens Hoyt was born in VT, but the only proof is a Kalamazoo County, MI history book in which his grandson related the story some 70 years after Stephens died. It is also claimed that said that Stephens was the son of Stephen Haight and wife, Lydia Allen, though I have yet to see a deed, Bible record or will to back it up.

Some have confused our Stephens with the family of Stephen Haight, the Revolutionary patriot who died 1812 in Yates County, NY. Others have tried to link us to the Stephen Haight who served as sergeant at arms in the US Senate. The latter died in Washington, DC and was buried in Burlington, VT in 1841. Similar claims of connections to parents in Monkton, VT are murky. A search of Monkton town records and the Vermont Historical Society Library failed to link the Kalamazoo, MI Hoyts to Monkton.

As for Stephens' wife, Mary Polly Carter… the 1850 census of Kalamazoo County, MI shows Mary was age 67, born in NY, indicating that she was born in 1783. Thus, she could not be the daughter of Hannah Benedict Carter who died in 1780 in CT. Rather, our Mary's parents were William and Mary Polly Wygant (Foster) Carter who emigrated from the New York City area to the Genessee Flats of Western NY (Ontario County) ca. 1800. It is said that daughter Mary married Stephens Hoyt there, though no marriage record is known to exist.

Together, the Carters, Wygants and Hoyts moved to Logan County, OH ca. 1808 and, by the late 1820s, to Michigan Territory (Prairie Ronde Twp., Kalamazoo County.) There, Stephens Hoyt, became a local judge. He died late in 1832.

I believe the key to the mystery is Ransford Carter Hoyt, Stephens' eldest son. I believe that his first name is of an ancestor on his paternal side.

An elder Ransford Hoyt is known to have lived in PA and Logan County, OH in the early 1800s. Stephen and Ransford Hoyt together appeared on an 1807 land transaction in Luzerne Co., PA involving disputed CT lands. These men were likely brothers. Hollister's History of the Lackawanna Valley lists both as taxpayers in Luzerne Co. in 1796. As taxpayers, both would have been at least 21 and therefore born on or before 1775. In 1810 Ransford Hoyt is listed at Steuben County, NY as a taxpayer.

Both Ransford and Stephen Hoyt are listed as taxpayers in Logan County, OH. The Families of Stephens Hoyt and Mary Polly Carter by Frederick J. Hoyt reports that Ransford was b. 1775 in Castleton, VT and died in a fire. He appears on the 1820 census of Logan County with a wife and seven children, but I have no further record.

Meanwhile, Ancestry.com shows that Jedediah Hoyt of Norfolk, CT married Anah Rainsford, b. Canterbury, CT in New Marlboro, MA, 1770. This is the right time frame for them to have been the parents of these men. I find it more than coincidental that a Hoyt married a Rainsford (Ransford/Raynsford,) and that Ransford Hoyt and Stephen Hoyt were involved with disputed CT lands in Pennsylvania. Jedediah Hoyt died in Luzerne County, PA as of July 1802. I do not know if this is the same man who married Miss Rainsford, but it bears looking into. Unfortunately, the Luzerne County, PA courthouse does not provide a research service, and I have found precious little published material to be of help.

Does anyone have information proving the relationship between Jedediah Hoyt and these two men?
Thank You,

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From: Sharon Patton
To: Jeh49341@chartermi.com
Sent: Monday, May 01, 2006 2:51 PM
Subject: Hoyts

Hi . I was looking at your website and hoped you might be able to help me with my descent question concerning a Seth Hoyt that came to Michigan. The areas you talk about, with the exception of Lenawee Co., don't fit as far as I know. My Hoyts mainly lived in Calhoun Co and Barry Co., Mich. My descendant, Seth Hoyt Jr., was born abt. 1783/1784 ,and 1st wife unknown to me. He had children named Ira, Elijah and Elizabeth (twins) ,William Perry Hoyt b abt 1819, and Nancy, with this unknown wife. Than he married Charlotte (Sharlot) Walker and had Lewis, Daniel and Andrew. I have had contact with a Frank Davis who has followed his line, Rich, by following Seth Hoyt. They were in Medina Co., Ohio, Clearfield, Pa. and Michigan together. He believes they were also in Pawling, NY and ties to Dutchess Co., NY. He has proven that his Felix and (maybe) Andrew Rich were in the Rev War with the Green Mountain Boys and that Seth Hoyt is also mentioned as being one of them. What I don't know is who the father to my Seth Hoyt Jr. is. I have pretty much eliminated the Seth Hoyt who married Catharine Ruble as his son Seth (although year of dob being on target died in Deerfield, Il and I have every rason to believe mine died between 1850-52) Can you help me? My Seth Hoyt is in Michigan census with his son Wm. Perry in 1850 in Clarence Twp., Calhoun Co., MI. and than I cannot find him again but since his 2nd wife, Charlotte Walker Hoyt, remarried Amos Wright in 1852 most likely Seth died between 1850 and 1852.

All these Hoyts in Remus may not be the same line and I did not see an index of names to check if you even have a Seth Hoyt in your line but perhaps you can cut through the chase and shed a little light on this for me. There are several people of my line researching but we have all hit this brick wall and it helps to be able to eliminate when that's all you can do. Thanks for any light you can shed.

After I eliminated Seth who married Catherine Rible, my next best guess was Abel and Rhoda but that's just a guess. Guesses aren't much consolation in genealogy research.


Sharon Pratt Patton


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