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Our Sincere Condolences & Sympathy to the FELL Families & Friends on the Death of




b. February 27, 1938 - October 24, 2020



DURING THE VIET NAM WAR IN DA NANG 1964-1966- See Below Details]





Tom Fell
February 27, 1938 - October 24, 2020
Olympia, Washington - Thomas E Fell was born in Chicago, IL, the middle of three children of Dr. Egbert Fell and Florence Warner Fell. Inspired by the charity work of his parents, Tom graduated from medical school at the University of Chicago, completed his internship at the University of Iowa, and then joined the U.S. Navy to serve his country during the Vietnam War.
He volunteered for two tours in Vietnam and was honored to serve as a General Medical Officer with the United States Marine Corps on village patrols and at a M.A.S.H. unit in Da Nang, Vietnam from 1964-1966. Moved by the incredible skills of those with whom he served, he decided to pursue a career as an anesthesiologist. Upon his return from Vietnam in 1966, he married Suzanne Mary Stanton at the University of Chicago Graham Taylor Chapel. The couple had 2 children and were married for 54 years at the time of his death.
After completing his anesthesia residency at the University of Washington in 1970, Tom was recruited by Dr. George Bray and Dr. Rodney Brown, and the three of them started an anesthesia group at St. Peter Hospital in Olympia, Washington. This was the beginning of a career dedicated to anesthesiology, volunteer work overseas, and serving the Olympia community.
In 1973, he took a year-long leave of absence and, along with Suzanne and his two young daughters, moved to Kingston, Jamaica to volunteer with Project Hope.
Upon his return to Olympia in 1974, he and Dr. Brown established Thurston County Medic One, the first public, county-wide, tiered response EMS system in the United States. Tom proudly served as its first Medical Program Director, trained some of the best paramedics in the country, and, as a result, improved cardiac arrest survival in Thurston County. He served on the Board of Medic One until 2018 when, after 44 years of service, he became the first member Emeritus. Dr. Fell also helped organize the St. Peter Hospital School of Nurse Anesthetists and aided in the plan for the hospital's original ICU unit. Dr. Fell's selfless devotion to the Olympia community saved and improved countless lives.
During the years of 1978-79 and 1981-82, Dr. Fell and his family moved to Kathmandu, Nepal, where he developed a program, through United Mission to Nepal, teaching nurses to become Nurse Anesthetists in order to deliver safer anesthesia. He eventually took his program all over the world, and, to adapt the delivery of anesthesia to any region of the world, he invented an anesthesia machine that could be used without power.
He continued his long, dedicated worldwide volunteer work teaching and administering anesthesia in Cameroon, Pakistan, Madagascar, Zaire, Malawi, India, Uganda, Vietnam, China, Mongolia, Eritrea, Uzbekistan, Tanzania, Armenia, Mexico, Columbia, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Togo, Ethiopia, and Liberia. He returned multiple times to many countries and often partnered with Health Volunteer Overseas, International Relief Teams, Global Relief and Children's Services and Mercy Ship. Though he was a long time member of Westminster Presbyterian Church his faith, he often said, was shown through his work.
After retiring from St. Peter Hospital in 2004, and not one to sit around, Tom continued his active involvement in the community. He volunteered with the Sea Scouts, was a Big Brother in the Big Brother Big Sister program, and tutored students at the Lacey Boys and Girls Club, Nisqually Middle School, Chinook Middle School, North Thurston HS, and the After School Tutoring Program at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church.
Tom, first and foremost, was a dedicated husband, father, and grandfather. He was heavily involved in the lives of his grandchildren, and nothing was more important to him than his family. His sense of outdoor adventure and travel took the Fell family to many outreaches of the Himalayas, India, SE Asia, Africa, and Europe. He also was a very passionate sailor, and the ocean was his second home. He spent many years racing sailboats in the Puget Sound and was an active member of the South Sound Sailing Society.
Dr. Fell is survived by his wife, Suzanne; his daughters Elizabeth Fell Pauldine of Seattle and Catherine Fell Niemann of Olympia; brother, Jack Fell, of Miami, FL; and his four grandchildren, Michael, Charlotte, Alex and Abigail, who all loved him very much.
Tom Fell was an extraordinary human: brilliant, kind, ever generous with his time and money, and loved by his family, countless friends, and coworkers. He touched many lives all over the world.
The Fell family is grateful to the Medic One community for their kindness and are honored by their support.
Remembrances can be sent to the Rodney Brown and Tom Fell Scholarship Award, c/o Thurston County Medic One, 2703 Pacific Ave. SE, Suite C, Olympia, WA 98501; The Boys and Girls Club of Thurston Co, WA – 2424 Heritage Ct. SW #301, Olympia 98502 directed to Lacey; and The Dr. Thomas Fell Endowed Scholarship in Healthcare Fund at SPSCC, 2011 Mottman Rd SW Olympia, 98512
A formal celebration of Tom's life will happen when we can all gather safely together.



To Plant Memorial Trees in memory, please visit our Sympathy Store


* (Courtesy & Thanks to Tom's Brother, Jack Fell - jehoyt)









VIEW 7 Generations of the DESCENDANTS of Henry Jacob Fell, Sr. Tree

**NEW**with Loring Warner & Henry Hamblin Ancestry (.pdf)

*(Edited for Privacy rules)



VIEW The 19-20 Generations of the DESCENDANTS of John to Thomas
to Michael to Simon (2601) HOYT, Hoyte, Hoit, Hayte, Haight, Hight Families Tree

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Outline Ancestors Map / 70 GENERATIONS Pedigree Chart of World's Royalty to John E. Hoyt Line (.rtf) - (.htm)







* (Identification Priracy Rules Now in Effect)








Baden-Wurttenburg & Bavaria Germany Map
Cropped map Baden-Bavaria Germany
CW Michigan Co.B 10th photo




Newark Township Map of 1901

H.J. FELL, Section 26, NE Corner

Map of Newark Twp, Gratiot Co., MI

Fritz cemetery

(Click each Thuimbnail to view large image)


(With Images by Elizabeth (Fell) Pauldine)




Click here, To View Henry J. Fell's

Civil War Diary (.pdf) format

H.J. Fell in Gratiot County History Book of 1913





Bessie (Hoyt) & Egbert Erven Fell

H.J.'s 2nd wife, Phebe E. Meracle Proctor (Shaw) & Henry J. Fell







^ Credit Source:

(View at Bottom of page)

E.E. Fell, Superintendant of Holland Public Schools Portrait from E.E. Fell Junior High School Bldg.
R. T. Fell (left), accepts E.E. Fell's portrait from Francisco Garcia, Holland Superintendant of Holland Public Schools on 11/11/2005

"Happenings" Magazine of Holland Public Schools December 2005 Issue

Cover Logo

Page 8 of the H.P.S."Happenings"

Article by Randy Vande Water, former Repoter for Holland Sentinel.





Egbert E. Fell

Birth Certificate

E.E. & Bessie Fell w/

Sons, Ranald, Egbert & George

Elizabeth (Bessie) I. Hoyt

Birth Certificate


(Click each thumbnail Photo above to view Larger image.)

Fell Album given by Elizabeth (Fell) Pauldine
Henry Jacob Fell with Son, Egbert Erven Fell
Henry Jacob Fell & Log Cottage near Remus, MI & E.E. Fell w/ Pres. Teddy Roosevelt
Wedding of Egbert Erven Fell & Elizabeth Isadore Hoyt
Egbert Erven Fell East Tawas, MI Home
E.E. & Elizabeth I (Hoyt) Fell & Sons
E.E. Fell & Family
E.E. Fell Holland MI Honors
E.E. Fell Holland Schools Superintendent - 35 years
E.E. Fell Article
E.E.& E.I. (Hoyt) FELL & Sons
Eliz. Adella (Gerould) Hoyt & E.E. Fells in Remus, MI

Egbert Erven Fell

WW I Registration Card

w/ Full Name Signature

George G. Hoyt, Remus, MI, Father of Elizabeth Isadore Hoyt
John G. Hoyt, & Nieces, Elizabeth Isadore (Hoyt) Fell, Ada Fredrica (Hoyt) Sparling, Carrie Melvina (Hoyt) Colegrove
Hoyt Sisters in Remus MI c 1900 All 3 were in a Play



(Click each thumbnail Photo below to view Larger image)


1923 Egbert H. Fell as Yellow Taxi Driver
1924 Egbert E. & Bessie, with sons, Ranald, George & Egbert H. Fell
1945 E.E. & Bessie (Hoyt) Fell, George, Paul, Egbert H, Betty & Gertrude
1946 Bob Egbert Dorothy Barbara Florence-Ranald Jane Jack Tom






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(also view below, the Loring Tree Warner Familty Register)



Homes in Chicago area, of Dr. Egbert H. & Florence (Warner) Fell


7357 Merrill Ave. Chicago, IL 1940-1948, taken 1986
2246 Orrington St. Evanston, IL taken 1951



1955 Fell Family Photo


The Egbert E. & Bessie (Hoyt) Fell Families

George, Betty, Paul, Jane, Ranald, Gertrude, Egbert.E., Tom, Bessie, & Egbert H.





Egbert H. Fell Siblings latest Family Photos


2009 Jack & Pam's Holiday Photo Letter


2009 ** Tom E & Suzanne (Stanton) Fell Family Photos


2009 back; Suzanne (Stanton) & T. E Fell;

sitting; R. & E. Pauldine with Michael & Alexander. C. & S. Niemann with Abigail & Charlotte 2008

2004 From left to right: R. Pauldine, M. Pauldine, E,
F. Pauldine, S. Neimann, C. Neimann, C. F.
Neimann, T. E Fell, S. S. Fell. 2004






Obituary's, Eulogy's, Cemetery's




Lula M. (Fell) Johnson Obit



1991 Dr. Egbert H. Fell - Eulogy - by Dr. Weinberg

2000 Florence (Warner) Fell - The Olympian - Obituary


Florence-weaving Persian Memories
Florence-painter Watercolor

Thank You Tom!




Egbert E. Fell Obituary

& Death Certificate

E.E. & Bessie (Hoyt) Fell 1947

Courtesy of Thomas E. Fell

Elizabeth I. (Hoyt) Fell Obituary & Death Certificate

Courtesy of Jack W. Fell



August 2005 pictures below

E.E. & Elizabeth I. (Hoyt) Fell Home - 85 12th St Holland, MI

E.E. Fell Jr. High School (J.E.Hoyt)

372 E. River St Holland, MI

E..E. Fell Sec C 9-5
Elizabeth I. (Hoyt) Fell Sec C-9-4


(Click each thumbnail Photo above to view Larger image.)






** The middle name E in my, (T. E Fell), name is in recognition of my father Egbert Howard Fell and grandfather Egbert Erven Fell. However my parents did not want me to ever be called Egbert so the E has no period - similar to Harry S Truman. E. E. Fell's middle name thought to be Erven, but "Erven" is his real middle name, by viewing above WW1 Regeistration Card, typed out and signed as "ERVEN".

Credit Source File:

My Thanks To:

Contact: E. F. Pauldine <> Album & Photo & Family Source.

Contact: T. E Fell <> & R. T. Fell for AlbumPhoto & Family Source.

Contact: J.W. Fell <> Family Source.

Contact: R. M. King <> found at

file at url: (works - Rootsweb changed)

*New data of US Census records in MI & OH priovided by R. M. King, 11-24-2004 jeh

^Credit Source: E.E. Fell's Portrait to the Fell Grandchildren are; Randy Vande Water, former Managing Editor of the Holland Sentinal Newspaper & Tom Page, of the Holland Public Schools Administration & Holland Sentinel for publications.

Contact: J. E. Hoyt <>,

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