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Courtesy of Jack & Tom Fell - January, 2010


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1870s Loring Warner. &. Florence Nickerson  Wedding photo



Milo Warner. One room school house

1884 Marengo, IL Farm home, with a. Farmhand. 4 yr old Etta Hamlin & her grandparents Libby (Adams) Hamlin & Henry Hamlin. Psd


1884 Marengo, IL Farm home, 4 yr old Etta Hamlin, & her grandparents, Libby (Adams) & Henry Hamlin - close-up



1915 4 generations, Maria Harbending Adams, Newell Henry Hamlin, Elizabeth-Libby-(Adams) Hamlin, baby Claude Hamlin

1928 Marengo, IL,. front-Henry & Libby (
Adams) Hamlin.

Back-Etta (Hamlin)Warner, Twins-Edward Hamlin & Adeline (Hamlin) Johnson, Newell Hamlin, Inez (Hamlin) DeGroot

1920s Warner Farm. Marengo. Birthplace of Loring, his son Milo & his son Milton

1929 Milo, Mary, Loring & Milton

1901 Milo and Etta Wedding Photo

1907 Florence Hamlin Warner & Etta Warner



1910 Milton and Florence Warner

1912 Florence and



1920s g WLorinarner

'40 Florence & her parents, Etta, Milo

'40 Adelaide Hamlin Johnson. Sister of Etta

'40 Milton & Ethel Warner

'40 June 29. Beth, Ethel, Florence, Etta

'57 Marengo, McHenry Co., IL. Milton, Earl Roy Warner. (Will's son) White, Milo Warner, Will White, Gale Ryan

'57 Marnego, McHenry Co., Illinois. Milo and Roy Warner

'51 50th Wedding. Milo & Etta Warner

'51 50th Wedding. Etta #2

'51 50th Wedding. Etta #1

'53 52nd wedding anniversary. Milo & Etta Warner

'55 Beth, Milo,Florence,Etta,Milo,Cigar

'50s Milo Warner-for County Judge

'70s Milton Warner

'90 Milton and Ethel Warner


'94 Ethel and Milton Warner

'53 52nd wedding. Milo & Etta,. Beth & Gale Ryan, Egbert H. Fell, Milton & Ethel Warner, Tom Fell, Jerry Ryan, Florence (Warner) Fell, Jane Fell


'46 Bob, Egbert H. Fell, Dorothy, Barbara Fell, Florence W. Fell, Ranald Fell, Jane Fell, Jack Fell, Tom Fell





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